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An update on Iraq

Iraq has absolutely been decimated ever since the US invasion back under Hussain’s rule supposedly to fight terrorism. However with numerous reports of attacks on innocent citizens by US soldiers there has been a serious backlash to the invasion and prolonged occupation.


Military target on vehicles
Military target on vehicles

This is the sad truth with any invasion

Think back to Hitler’s time and the invasion of Russia by the German troops. The local Russian population initially welcomed the troops as they wished to break free of Stalin’s rule. But the German soldiers treated them as sub-humans which lead to numerous atrocities against the Russian peasants. This lead to the fight back by the people of Russia and lead to the eventual defeat of Germany. As history has shown there is never any joy brought about from any invasion. The British are renowned for their enormous heinous acts against multitudes of nations that they invaded. They were possibly the leading invaders of their time and did much damage to the respective countries and rape of the land and the people.